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B REF037 A
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Remote Users
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Last Heard
Callsign User Message Last TX on Time
N4LD Lew N4LD ID-31A B 2021/06/17 15:58:38
KO4DXD Bill Van Pelt B 2021/06/17 12:49:26
KI5US Keith IC4100a SCC B 2021/06/17 12:27:57
KM4WMC DENNIS IC4100a SCC B 2021/06/17 08:59:12
W1WAB Bill/Sun City/ID-31a B 2021/06/16 21:02:09
K4DGG Doug/SCC ID-4100 B 2021/06/16 20:18:53

Status as of 2021/06/17 19:50:46